October 30th Storm


An amazing group of SCATV Riders stepped up with chain saws, winches and man/woman power to clean up a fair amount of the storm damage yesterday.

Here is the account on yesterday’s efforts from Jeffrey Zedalis and company:


Today was a great day, a friend of mine asked for help and it wasn’t a person it it was a club. Yes I could say Terry, Mark, Holly, Diane, Ken are friends but it’s bigger it’s a town it’s a community it’s a club. With the storm that came through on Sunday it was all hands on deck we all have lives outside the clubs but when the call goes out you just go. I was so blessed to have a group of riders from novice beginners to old veterans come out and give up a couple of hours of their weekend to unburden others. We were able to clear over thirty miles of trails and at times we forgot what we were there to do because we just had fun. To Sullivan County ATV club thank you for letting us ride the trails and we hope that today we helped keep the trails open.        

Jeffrey Zedalis  MA Trail Riders ATV/UTV Club





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