Parking Update for 6/13 and 6/14

COVID Recreation Explosion – Burger King Parking

We have seen a huge increase in ridership over the last three weekends. We have also seen a HUGE increase in speeding and bad behavior that threatens our only road connection.
Please be respectful of all the work SCATV has put in to maintain this connection and our relationship with the City of Claremont and the neighbors along Veteran’s Park and Cat Hole Roads. We appreciate all they do to allow the use.

The city speed limit is 10 mph and is being enforced by radar.
Please keep dust down as you pass in front of the homes on the Cat Hole transition from tar to dirt. Blue cones and signs mark this zone on the weekends.

Please share this information with all of your friends and take a picture on your phone for reference when you arrive.

We are looking for volunteers to help with Volunteer Trail Patrol to assist and educate Riders of all abilities so they can have an enjoyable experience on the SCATV trails. Contact us through email, phone or Facebook.

If you’ve come to our trails this year and had fun please join our club at

⚠️ Revised Parking Map of Burger King ⚠️

⛔️ Do Not block the lane between BK and Cumberland Farms – Delivery trucks need this access
⛔️ Do Not block entrance and exit roadways
⛔️ Do Not park at Country Café lot – we do not have permission
⛔️ Do Not cross Washington St. on OHRVs

To stretch overflow
We have gotten permission to park at VIP Tires & Service at 323 Washington St. But you must unload OHRVs at the BK lot first.

⛔️ DO NOT ride OHRVs from VIP Parking Area.
There will be a designated unloading/loading zone for the remote parking option.

Please compress your parking footprint by unhooking smaller trailers into a second spot instead of taking multiple spots lengthwise.

Reminder: there are restrooms available at Cumbie’s

Thank you for your patience and participation while we continue to sort out these growth issues.

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