Opening Saturday June 12th

SCATV Trails will open this Saturday June 12th

Be aware of the following:

There will be less parking at Burger King than last year. There is NO PARKING between BK and Cumberland Farms. Violators will be towed! This must remain open for customers, delivery trucks for both business and as a fire lane.

Parking is in back of the building, on the drive-thru side and in the front of the building. Follow parking signs. Please be considerate and park tight in a way to allow for others and to leave enough space for vehicles and trailer to exit.  If the lot is full – go park and ride at Arrowhead, Sugar River Rail Trail (50” OHRVs only) or Cat Hole Landing, or go shopping or out to eat for a bit and return when space opens.


Veteran’s Park and Cat Hole Rd is 10 mph and you must stay to the right to allow normal traffic to pass.

We have been granted permission this year only by the skin of our teeth. Please respect these City of Claremont rules. Please respect the neighbors who must deal with our traffic. Please respect the hard work and dedication of the SCATV Officers and Members who have worked so hard to retain this access.

If you or a member of your group can not adhere to the 10 mph, stay to the right requirements then please don’t ride here. It is up to all of us, not just law enforcement to keep each other in check when riding out in the public spotlight.

Our Trail Patrol Volunteers will be out to help monitor behavior, answer questions, and help riders in anyway they can.

Because of the delay in getting landowner permission, our trail map revision has been delayed, but we are working hard to get an improved version printed ASAP. They will be mailed out to all members and anyone who has purchased one online as soon as possible.  Trail Patrol will have black and white paper copies to hand out. Just ask for one.

Also, Whitewater Trail will be Closed until further notice.


Thank You and thanks to all those who have helped to get to opening day.


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