Cat Hole Rd Class VI is back open

Cat Hole Rd Class VI road is back open.
Be aware that anything that is open will be technical and may have washouts, along with more rocks and plenty of mud including the Mica Mine trails.
Closed trails are marked and signed accordingly, Please don’t go around or through these trails,
Closed is BRUCE’S TRAIL and WHITEWATER BROOK Trail from Cornish Turnpike to Fred’s Trail. These trails need repairs and bridges therefore we will be organizing work sessions over the next few weeks and months.
Ernie’s trail is a suggested 50″ only and has VERY DEEP water and mud. Please be advised of the narrow bridges. Also Stoddard ledge on Fitch Reservoir trail is extremely technical with very rocky terrain.
As always, please stay at 10 mph on VP and Cathole Rd until you reach Cathole Landing,
Thank you

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