Winter Riding Rules


Our trails are closed every year from March 1st to May 23rd for Mud Season.

During the winter, please ride only when there is enough “groomable” snow and when temperatures are below freezing at 32 degrees. Please give groomers the right of way.

Rule of thumb: if it is warm enough to rut or damage the snowmobile trail then please wait for a colder day. Mud/Water holes should be frozen solid. Please RESPECT the winter trail needs for snowmobiling.

Veteran’s Park and Cat Hole connector roads are closed once the snow starts until May 23rd after mud season. Parking is up at the Cat Hole Log Landing.

The state owned Sugar River Recreational Rail Trail is open year round with state trailhead parking accross from the storage units on Washington St. in Claremont and on Belknap Rd. in Newport. Width restriction is 50″.

UTVs / SxS wider than 54″ with tracks are illegal in NH.

Please respect the Landowner.

Watch for signs. Not all snowmobile trails are open to ATVs UTVs.